Plagiarism Detection and Prevention

  In education, plagiarism is a dirty word and it seems to turn (otherwise sweet) educators into giant villains as they search their students’ work for ideas and statements that may not be their own original masterpiece.  Well, maybe not villains, however, educators do have a responsibility to uphold academic integrity within their courses. … More Plagiarism Detection and Prevention

Impact of Technology

Technology surrounds us; smartphones, internet, Facebook, email, Skype, watches and other jewelry that connect us to other places and even our vehicles are equipped with more technology than most average Americans know how to deal with.  The same it for our classrooms, especially online courses.  Technology can enhance our lives and our learning experiences (Boettcher, … More Impact of Technology

Setting Up An Online Learning Experience

Online learning experiences can be daunting for both the students and the instructor; especially if this is the first online course they have ever taken or taught.  Many questions run through their minds… “Will I be able to complete all the assignments on time” “Will I be completely alone?” “Can I be a successful student/instructor?” … More Setting Up An Online Learning Experience